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Perfect Balance: Fitness and Massage ~ Aurora, IL


Welcome to Perfect Balance, Inc!
I am here to help you get fit and healthy, relieve pain and stress and accomplish the goals you have set.

Therapeutic Massage
Anyone who routinely stretches their physical limits through movement such as swimming, biking, running and strength training can benefit from a massage. Caring for the wear-and-tear that naturally occurs with strenuous exercise is crucial in preventing injuries, recovering faster and boosting performance. The physiological and psychological benefits of massage make it a much needed component of a balanced program. Athlete or not, you will have your own unique trouble spots from previous injuries or repetitive patterns that can be effectively addressed with therapeutic massage.

As part of any successful training program you need a Perfect Balance.

Triathlon and Endurance coaching
Our sister company Betty Multisport specializes in beginner and intermediate level triathlon and endurance coaching.  Check out our website and facebook page for more information.

Perfect Balance provides Massage Therapy, Triathlon and Endurance coaching, Functional Movement Screening in conjunction with Personal Training to provide the balance we all seek in our lives.

The people who inspire me are those who overcome their fears…. work hard…. and accomplish their goals.